Marty Mutti


Marty Mutti started in radio in 1985 at KBSM in Kansas City. In 1986 he went to Southwestern College and graduated with a stellar 2.01 GPA. One night at a local bar in 1987, Rob Hood asked him if he wanted a job at KSOK. Marty said yes and has been at KSOK ever since. He began by doing grunt work and running Royals games at night. By 1990, he had started doing the morning show on AM 1280 KSOK by himself. Cheryl Lynn was a big part of the show with her news. He took a job at Cellular One in 1995, but continued to do part-time work with KSOK. He couldn’t stay away, and within 2 years, he came back full-time as a sidekick to Lyman James in the morning. 2001 was the big risk. Along with Bill Docking and Pam Miller, Marty made an investment to own part of KSOK. The group would call itself Cowley County Broadcasting. Through the years, Marty has taught Sunday school for over a decade and became famous for children’s sermons at 1st United Methodist Church. He coached little leauge baseball and basketball for even longer. He does his best to serve his community. In fact, he was awarded the Community Cornerstone Award from Cornerbank. Today Marty loves his job. He loves doing the morning show with Marty O’Sullivan and Shane Farley, and the rest of the staff has been professional and a joy to work with. He still has dreams of winning the lottery, but he just might have hit the lottery that night in the bar when he was given an opportunity to spend his life in radio.

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