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Marty O'

I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and started in radio in ’06 after going through what what some would refer to as a mid life crisis. I prefer to call it career redirection. Before I started back to school, I was active in many fields including bartending, pizza delivery, whitewater raft guiding, furniture relocation, and telephone solicitation. After graduating from The Ohio Center for Broadcasting, I made stops at stations in Cleveland, Wyoming, and Montana. I’ve since found a home at KSOK. I must admit I was a little nervous coming to KSOK after I saw Bart the Radio Bovine on the website, but since I've gotten to know him, we’ve become fast friends! That goes for the rest of the staff, as well. Cowley County has since become home to me and my little buddy, Milo, a five year old Terrier who is my constant companion. We’ve seen a lot of cool stuff together and look forward to many more adventures. When I’m not busy on The Get up And Go Show or following The Ark City Bulldog Teams, I enjoy long walks after dark, harassing total strangers, generally being a public nuisance, and perfecting my back up singing group patterned after The Pips. I’m currently looking for polyester leisure suits, and auditioning potential singers. I try to keep my head out of the clouds, but when befuddled, I ask myself “What would Kenny Rogers do?” That question, and an unlimited supply of coffee have seen me through some rough times, and will see me into the future I’m sure.

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