McDonalds Computer Service's PC DOCTOR

Every 2nd and 3rd Thursday of the month, we get the pleasure to talk to the Doctor, the PC Doctor, Ralph McDonald of McDonald's Computer Service. We talk to Ralph about all kinds that deal with your computer! And if you miss it live on Thursday at 9:15, you can listen to all the episodes right here!

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Ralph and Marty talk his broken leg, new phones, his inventory for Christmas Gifts, stocking stuffers included, even if he's out, he can order it!
Ralph and Marty talk Christmas songs, Boost returns to Free Phones, Phone protection options, small business and home office solutions: From empty room to fully furnished office, comparing your computer to your house, and used machines and the checks they go through before you see them!
Ralph talks taste testing for Winfield Main Street Deli, Android virus risks, New Phones on Boost,upgrades in school tech, printing options and how to weigh them!
This week, Ralph and Marty discuss technological predictions, time is running out to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, Boost Mobile carrier switching deals, and how your computer handles the heat.  
On this show: Ralph talks about the Boost Mobile Family plan and a special highlight of the Tribute 5 phone. The PC Doctor can keep your home or business safe with his wide array of security cameras. Your time to upgrade to Windows 10 is running out, bring your pc in to Ralphand let him get your system ready for it!
On this show: In Oklahoma and need the PC Doctor? No problem, he can come to you. Are you unsure if your password is secure? Listen here for Ralph's wisdom on the matter.
Recorded 4/21/2016
On This Show:  Ralph talks about Graduation presents - Computers and technology is the perfect gift!  Need a system repaired?  Let the PC Doctor take a look and make your system well again.
On This Show: Ralph talks about the new DEALS for Boost Mobile - You should check it out!  Need a new desktop?  Ralph has them!  Security Camera Systems: 4, 6, 8 or more!  Stop in and pick out what you need - install yourself or have him do it.
Recorded: 3/10/16
On This Show: Ralph talks about Boost Mobile and the new line of accessories in the store.  When to get a tune up, and is faster really better?  Recorded: 2-11-16
On This Show: Ralph has a FULL TIME opening!  Do you qualify?  Listen to the show for details.  He touched on Boost Mobile and Tune Ups.  Recorded: 1-28-16
On This Show: Boost Mobile Specials - Tax Refund - Home Server.  Recorded 1-21-16
On This Show: Boost Mobile - Windows 10 Upgrade - and Security Systems.  Recorded: 1-14-16
On This Show: Security Camera Systems Home and Business and Windows 10 Notify Box.
On This Show: 2 in 1 Tablets, System Backup and Recovery, and Boost Mobile.  Recorded 11-19-15
On This Show: Do you have Recovery Discs?  Home Security Cameras, and Home Entertainment Computers.  Recorded 11-17-15
On This Show: Welcome to Arkalalah 2015!  And some talk about the FBI Ransom Ware.  Recorded: 10-29-15
On this show: Additional Boost Mobile deals and William the power gamer can help you with any gaming system!  Recorded 10-22-15
On this show: Boost Mobile Deals, Windows 10 Free Upgrade, and recycling old items.  Recorded 10-8-15
On this show: Bring your system in for a tune up and updates.  We have some nice used systems...come in and see!  Recorded 8-20-15
On this show: Windows 10 has rolled out and Ralph has expanded his staff to better serve you.  Recorded 8-13-15.

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